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Working in public relations, all it takes is a scan of the office to get a grasp on just how crazy things can get.

The lowered heads and the constant keystrokes ring the bells of productivity, but in the midst of juggling clients and journos its tricky to find time to reflect.

To achieve true productivity work-life-balance can’t be put on the back-burner.

We asked some of our famously busy BlueChip team members how they manage to achieve a healthy balance in such a hectic industry. Take a look:

Tips from the team

For our senior consultant Scott Roberts, the gears don't stop turning. From meetings to pitches, Scott's days are action packed, and he's had to adjust his schedule in order to achieve a strong balance.

With so much on his plate, there's very few methods that snap Scott out of work mode once he's out of the office. Scott's favourite? Hot yoga. Sweating it out and hitting those poses is a great way to leave work at the office and focus on yourself. 

It was all about fitness for highflying junior associate Georgia Lee. Between the workplace, her double degree and consistent volunteer work, Georgia has a lot on her plate, so when it comes to keeping balance, she runs a tight ship.

Her big tip was incorporating fitness into the work day, aiming for 45 minutes to an hour of exercise a day, but making sure to stay relaxed in her exercise and her planning. “The whole point of exercise is to decompress, so there's no point making it stressful”.

For BlueChip consultant Sophie Fitzgerald, the phone doesn’t stop all day. One of BlueChip’s hardest workers, Sophie takes pride and finds balance in something we all take part in. Cooking.

Sophie’s tip is to cook something you love after work and to decompress as you enjoy what you’ve created! If you love to cook, try a new dish or a new challenge regularly to decompress and disconnect yourself from the day.

Carden's Corner

With barely a minute to spare in the workday, BlueChip’s founder and managing director, Carden Calder has made it a point across her almost three decades in PR to take the time to perfect her processes for work-life balance.

With all this time spent perfecting the balance, Carden’s tip is simple; When you’re not at work, you’re not at work. When it comes to public relations this means keeping your eyes off the news and your eyes off the feeds as much as possible outside of work hours. 

For our friends in marketing

To the people in marketing, we haven’t forgot you. BlueChip’s resident marketing expert Biannca has you covered with her tips for a healthy work life balance.

When it comes to marketing, the numbers tend to follow you home. After you’ve spent hours planning and executing campaigns and projects it can be so difficult to close the analytics tab once you’re out of office.

Biannca’s tip is all about getting off the tech for self-care, sunshine and quality time. Whether it's a midday lunch walk in the sun, or listening to your favourite music on the train, it's important to decompress with things that you enjoy, “don’t let the stress build, take the time to reset”.

Finding your balance

Balance is about you. It's about your career, your interests, and your life. At BlueChip we take every single individual's unique balance seriously, providing every opportunity for our team to achieve their work/life balance goals. 

Find your balance. Join the BlueChip team today.

Become a Chipper today. Join our award winning team today and start making progress towards balance in your public relations career.

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