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BlueChip Communication

Marketing that puts your clients first

Our clients understand the value of marketing and PR as a business driver.

Often, in financial services,  that means putting your clients' or members' needs first, and marketing in a way that's useful to them as well as attracting new business.

It means preserving trust.

It means making promises you - and we - can keep.

It also means driving results from your investment. Knowing what to focus on, what and how to invest for the best return and where you can improve results.

We help you make informed investments in marketing, through market cycles, and measure the outcomes.

This might involve thought leadership or content, research, digital marketing and data to reach and influence the right people.

These people - in your world and ours - are institutional investors or superannuation funds, consultants, SMSF trustees, fund members, industry influencers, high net worth clients and those who advise them: financial advisers or accountants, professional services audiences and others like them.

Understanding those audiences well, and reaching them, now means integrating marketing and PR. We bring together disciplines, people and proven process.

The results?

Clarity about what works.

Confidence in your marketing direction and investment.

And measurable outcomes.

Quote Mark

As our outsourced integrated marketing team, BlueChip played an invaluable role in helping launch into a new market. They use a disciplined approach to keep marketing on track, are not afraid to trial new tactics to constantly drive our marketing forward but don't change for the sake of it. Their focus on our goals, their persistence and expertise gave us what we needed: the right kind of new clients for the new product, found and introduced using the right blend of PR, digital, thought leadership, offline activity and messaging that was faithful to our DNA .

Tim Samway

Executive Chairman of Hyperion
The Process

We define your marketing and PR problems clearly, give advice or a blueprint to address them, and implement solutions, or guide you to do so.

Audit and analyse

We develop a factbase to understand your business strategy and develop detailed, evidence-backed insights into your key audience(s) and your current marketing & PR.


We give evidence-based advice on your messaging, activities, content, user experience and data metrics to evolve or overhaul marketing and PR.


Advice, and solutions, in the form of a bespoke blueprint. You know your stakeholders, strategy and commercial context. We have financial services audience, marketing and PR expertise. Together we shape a blueprint for action: a path or series of paths to reach the goals you've identified.

Execute and evolve

We provide ongoing implementation and advice to grow your brand’s reputation, reach and leads via your website, content marketing, digital lead generation and nurture, PR and profile building, sales enablement and social media management.

Our Services

Persona development, perception audits and market segmentation

Often, our clients think they have a good grasp on their target audiences and prospective partners or clients. And yet our process consistently yields new and surprising insights that drive different marketing choices.

We, and you, "think we know" how to reach and engage audiences such as financial advisers, accountants, asset consultants, super fund executives and investment teams, superannuation fund members, SMSF trustees, HNW investors, the insured and many others. Our primary research with these groups yields important nuance that informs our clients’ positioning, messaging and content, channel mix and targeting, in order to create real change in perception and behaviour.

Environmental audit & positioning advice

Using strategic planning tools, such as a SWOT or STEEPLE, adapted for communication, we help clients assess and prioritise the context for communication, and the most important issues or opportunities to address.

This work helps with investment decisions (eg M&A), market entry strategy, product development and risk management. If you’re bringing a foreign brand into Australia, this analysis can give you the edge to succeed.

Media relations and management

Our core business is PR and media relations - clients best know us and seek us out for this work. From mainstream consumer and business media, to niche investment trade outlets, our team have insight, reach and strong long-term relationships.

That said, we counsel clients not to lean on our network at the expense of what journalists need most: worthy stories, strong points of view and news or real thought leadership. It's this latter skill, in longer-term programs, that delivers ever-improving media outcomes.

Content marketing

If marketing was an engine, content would be the fuel. Successful marketing in financial services helps all our clients serve their clients with educational answers to their questions.

A well-researched, planned, and executed content strategy does this, while positioning your brand and your spokespeople as thought leaders and authorities in the space. It is the main driver of SEO and website traffic, bringing visitors to our clients' websites to learn more and take them a step closer to becoming customers.

Digital marketing

With 67% (source) of the buyer journey completed digitally, what information exists about you online is what your potential customers first see about you and your brand. To drive traffic to their websites and towards conversion, we help financial services brands optimise their online footprint, look for opportunities to deliver valuable content and strengthen their prospects’ and customers’ digital experiences.

Lead generation and nurture

Email is still a primary and critical marketing channel for most financial brands. And not without good reason – a database is something you own and control, as opposed to media or social media platforms controlled by others. A good (accurate, targeted) database is a highly valuable asset for our clients. Our lead generation work grows that database, so they have an expanding channel of direct, open communication with their target audience. Delivering helpful and purposeful content nurtures their audiences along the buyer journey.

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