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We start with 'why?'

Our purpose?

We help you (smart, values-driven leaders) create a better financial future for the people you serve.

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What do we do?

We help you lead, with marketing and PR that solves problems and create opportunities. We'll ask what your "why?" is before we work with you. Our work with you works best when we understand your purpose, values and how you deliver value to those you serve.

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Our Expertise

More than PR. We're known for integrating PR, marketing and communication to help financial services clients. Here's how.

Evidenced-based insight

PR and marketing that works is both art and science. We create an evidence base to give you confidence in your choices about both. This might mean combining your existing data, new research or analysis, and our insight about what's worked, or not, in similar situations, with similar clients, in similar situations. This kind of a robust evidence-base helps you succeed, faster and with less execution risk.

Goal-driven strategy

Our advice, strategies and programs are integrated (across channels and media), strategic, and always laser-focussed on your objectives. While you might believe you need a certain tactic or approach, if it’s not going to help achieve your goals, we’ll advise you to drop them. Equally, we'll bring you ideas and tactics you wouldn't have considered if our evidence suggests they'll work.

Industry knowledge

We're active participants in the industry as investors, members, and clients ourselves. We know this industry from almost every angle - its challenges, audiences and contexts. We've worked in, and for, fund managers, super funds, insurers, banks, financial advisers, SMSF providers, professional services firms and others like you. This industry knowledge, our relationships, marketing and public relations benchmarks, and experience with similar clients, in similar financial services sectors, in often similar situations, are 'baked in" to our advice.

Carden (3)
Our Leader

"I co-founded BlueChip Communication because I believed in a better way.

By 2003 I'd spent more than a decade in senior PR & marketing roles in financial services. I'd been fortunate to work on high profile, complex and high risk matters, with inspirational leaders, and be well rewarded.

But I was frustrated. Over it.

Over PR itself, internal politics, the pace of change, partners who didn't know our business well enough, and cared a lot less than I thought they should - about clients, shareholders and sustainable outcomes.

I thought "How hard can it be to serve clients ethically, hire smart and decent people, be a good employer AND do PR and marketing work that works in financial services? There has to be a better way."

Since 2004 this desire for a better way has attracted clients and colleagues.

My team and I are proud to help build momentum: for you, your business and your colleagues.

Media and marketing are constantly evolving, as we are.

Our values and attitude are constant: we're problem solvers, we're brave, we 'assume good', we' work for the 'greater good', and we win, on your behalf.

Ultimately, we're here for one reason: to help you, our clients, succeed by reaching and serving the investors, advisers, retirees, clients and businesses who rely on you."

Carden Calder

Founder & Managing Director

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BlueChip Communication have continually shown an in-depth strategic insight into the financial services market… they not only are experts in their field but also understand how to work within a broader team of Marketing and Communications professionals to launch an integrated marketing strategy.

Renee Amor

former General Manager, Marketing and Communication, Rabobank Australia and New Zealand ​
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