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Strategy-led, evidence-based PR and marketing for financial services.

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What makes us different

We help financial services leaders reach their goals using smarter marketing and PR.

You'll become higher profile, protect your reputation, and grow your revenue, as well as your reach.

We do this by reaching and influencing:







Super Funds


SMSF trustees

High net worth investors


Industry leaders

The results are measured in our Net Promoter Score of 71%.

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Katy Lithgow
Game Changing

We can help if you're a financial services CEO, Founder, CMO or leader who…

wants to use PR and marketing to change the game.

Or it might mean changing how you're seen, who supports you and how you grow your business.

We help with expertise to:

  • Become higher profile or achieve stronger brand recognition
  • Build influence for your ideas or thought leadership 
  • Solve reach, acquisition, conversion or perception problems
  • Grow your business using content & inbound marketing
  • Manage a crisis or issue, or prevent one
  • Evolve your PR and marketing & measure success.
How we help


PR & marketing to hit your goals.


your business: Revenues, reach or influence

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your reputation: Pre-empting issues, preventing crisis or managing one

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your purpose, people, products & services, or point of view

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Partnerships that make a difference

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Explore Our Work
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As our outsourced integrated marketing team, BlueChip played an invaluable role in launching Hyperion Asset Management new fund into a new market. They use a very disciplined approach to keep marketing and PR on track and are not afraid to trial new tactics to ensure we are constantly driving our marketing forward. I really appreciate their focus on our business objectives in designing and managing our marketing and PR program.

Mark Arnold

Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer of Hyperion

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Our Clients

From the world's largest fund managers to single founder fintech start-ups, we're typically chosen for the same reasons. We're experts in PR and marketing, we have deep expertise in financial services and we invest in relationships because they precede exceptional results. These three things add up to a faster start, better insights to your audiences and stronger foundations for 'work that works'.

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06 August 2013

Affluence. Effluence. Influence. Do you know the difference?

We increasingly hear the term ‘online influencer’ bandied about. But what does it really mean? And would you know one if you saw (heard, or read about) one? Here we look at what makes an influencer – ...

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