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Buy-in and belief: (y)our most valuable assets

Game-changing strategic PR and marketing for financial services

Our clients want change.

It might be change in how you are seen, your influence, your stakeholder relationships, the kind of business you attract...

Or even change in your market.

Done well, communication and marketing helps get strategy delivered. That's a higher order outcome than simply changing perceptions. This work builds buy-in and belief in a future you have yet to create. The way we see it, strategic communication earns your most valuable currency: supportive action from those you need to help you reach your vision.

That's permission to lead.

In times of uncertainty or crisis, good communication helps clients create a reputational buffer. A perceptual space which protects trust, preserving your ability to thrive.

The return on your investment in a partnership with our firm, is buy-in and belief in yours.



Our Results


BlueChip’s Net Promoter Score


Deposits following a PR and
customer communication-led
retail bank product launch


Page views from a single
financial planning blog
post with an average time
on page of 6:44


Articles generated in a single
month for an asset management
client with a $5,000 budget


Website hits after a seven-day
consumer financial ratings PR


Web inquiries in the 48 hours
after an online life insurance
product launch


Our Ideas

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Yesterday was not just the end of Round 6, but also the end of all hearings on specific industries. There is only one more round that we know of, in November, on policy questions. And although it was a gruelling week, you can almost hear the industry breathe a sigh of relief to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Why showing your humanity is good business (and just plain kind)

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