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BlueChip has moved to the world’s best building.

Just a 10-minute hop across the city from our previous space, the Quay Quarter tower is pretty special.

Saving 12,079 metric tonnes of carbon, with a unique design and spectacular location, the World Architecture Festival adored the skyscraper.

We asked the BlueChip team what their favourite thing is about moving into last year’s recipient of the World’s Best Building award! Take a look:




First, we spoke to BlueChip’s engine, Celina. Busy keeping the team in check and covering all sorts of tasks, Celina’s favourite part about working in the best building in the world is all about privacy.

The individual workspaces are comfy and cosy with some of them boasting harbour views (although these are hotly contested in the office). These work nooks are Celina’s favourite thing about the world’s best building and are a huge boost to productivity in the office.


Next up was the new recruit. Joe Wilkie has been making a splash in his first month as BlueChip’s newest senior consultant, splitting his time between Sydney and Melbourne.

Being from Melbourne, Joe appreciates those harbour views just a little bit more than the rest. His favourite thing about the BlueChip office is the amazing view from the lobby. It’s not a bad deal having the world’s best building to come to when you’re up in Sydney.


Our amazing account executive Claudia loves to have a walk at lunch. So it was no surprise that the spectacular location and walkable streets were her favourite part of our new spot.

For Claudia, the surrounding area is just as important as the building itself — “there's nothing better than going for a walk around circular quay to clear my mind!”. It’s looking like the bridge views and harbour side location are becoming a bit of a theme here…


Representing the marketing team was Biannca who had but a single word for us — vibes. There’s truly something different about the energy in the Quay Quarter with an aura of productivity through the halls.

It’s so much easier to stay focused and maintain your drive day after day when you’re swept up in such a motivated environment. Especially after the pandemic and years stuck in the home office, coming into the world’s best building just feels right!



From the views to the vibes, the team is loving the new spot.

Whether you're working with us now or looking to get involved, we are so excited to welcome you into the new office.

Our award winning team of PR and marketing experts are available to chat any time and if you'd like to come see what we're about reach out below.

Get in touch today, here

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