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Ah, the corporate dilemma – should we handle our public relations in-house or hire an agency? And... if we do hire an agency, how can we get the best results from that investment?

Whether you're deciding on enlisting an agency, considering a blend of agency and in-house support, unsure about agency readiness, or just seeking insights on maximising agency partnerships, we're here to help.

As a dynamic agency ourself with 20 years of experience serving financial services and corporates, we understand the common challenges (and complexities) that come with agency-client partnerships. Before committing to an agency, whether for the first time or to address issues with your current firm, consider these five key factors for effective collaboration with successful outcomes.

1. Provide Senior Access: Strategic insights need open doors…

One of the cornerstones of a fruitful partnership with your PR agency is senior access. Why is this so vital? Well, it's simple – to grasp your strategy at its core. Senior-level involvement ensures that the agency gets the full picture, including insights that might not trickle down to lower levels. Transparent conversations, even about sensitive topics, pave the way for aligned efforts and impactful outcomes. Remember, the best results often come from CEO briefings and relevant, ongoing access.

2. Full (or nearly full) Disclosure: Lay your cards on the table

Transparency is key. Your PR agency thrives on having all the facts laid out on the table. Whether it's your overarching strategy or historical issues that need addressing, holding back crucial information can hinder the effectiveness of their efforts. Risk management documents, historical context, and any other relevant materials empower your public relations agency to navigate challenges adeptly. Remember, withholding information only impedes progress and compromises the quality of work delivered. Once shared, you can expect tailored solutions that drive tangible results and propel your brand forward.

3. Pricing: Understanding the value and investment of a PR Agency

Quality comes at a price. Complex PR endeavours demand senior expertise, meticulous planning, and often, extensive review processes. Recognising the correlation between time, quality, and cost is crucial for making informed decisions. Open dialogue about pricing ensures alignment on expectations and enables your agency to tailor their approach accordingly. Whether you seek top-tier excellence or opt for more budget-friendly solutions, clarity on pricing is essential for fostering a sustainable partnership.

At BlueChip, we provide transparent insights into our pricing structure and the value proposition we offer. Whether you're seeking comprehensive PR solutions or targeted campaigns, we'll work with you to align on pricing expectations and deliver maximum ROI.

4. Realistic Timelines: Balancing urgency and quality

Finding the sweet spot between urgency and quality is paramount. Unrealistic deadlines can strain resources and compromise the strategic integrity of your PR initiatives. Conversely, unnecessary haste may lead to rushed outcomes and missed opportunities. Open communication about timelines allows for realistic expectations and ensures that priorities are aligned. Remember, quality PR takes time, so trust the process and allow your agency the space to deliver their best work that drives meaningful impact and contributes to your overall success.

5. Patience & Collaboration: Focus on and nurture long-term success

Building a successful partnership requires patience and persistence… In the same way that Rome wasn't built in a day, neither is a robust PR strategy. At Bluechip, we're committed to nurturing our relationship with clients every step of their journey.

Building a strong relationship with your PR agency requires time, patience, and mutual respect. Embrace getting to know each other, aligning objectives, and establishing effective communication channels. While initial hurdles can arise during the onboarding process, remember they are temporary challenges paving the way for long-term gains. Cultivate an environment of collaboration, where both parties are invested in each other's success.


Entering into a partnership with a PR agency is a strategic move that boosts your brand's reputation and visibility, while also easing the internal burden and workload on you and your in-house teams. By prioritising access, transparency, collaboration and quality, you set the stage for an enduring relationship, with successful results. Remember, your PR agency is your partner in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of media, communications and corporate public relations, so invest in this relationship wisely for maximum impact.

If you're keen to learn more insights on corporate PR strategies and how to choose the best PR agency for your needs, head on over to our blog.

Ready to elevate your brand's PR strategy? Contact us to get started today!

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