Step away from the abacus… and get to the heart of it instead

Life is full of surprises. Or so we’ve found at this year’s seminal financial services event, the FSC Annual Conference. Forget analytics, actuaries and...

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Topics: financial services industry, financial planning

Social media: don’t risk not risking it

“The internet. It’ll never take off.” “Email. It’s way too risky.” It’s thinking that’s right up there with Decca Records’ decision not to sign up The Beatles....

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Topics: social media, financial services industry

Time to take the social stage – before someone does it for you

We’ve just seen Tony Abbott ban his frontbenchers from appearing on ABC TV’s Q&A program. It’s a decision that – among other issues – starkly underscores a...

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Topics: social media

Disrupt or die? Three marketing lessons for financial services from the tech sector

Disrupt or die? Which side of the digital tsunami is your brand or employer on? It may not be a straight yes/no answer. But if you’re not surfing the wave(s)...

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Topics: social media, public relations, reputation management, financial services industry, content marketing and thought leadership, crisis management, integrated marketing

Keep calm and carry on. Six steps to success for communicating in uncertain times

In uncertain times, leaders in the financial services industry could do worse than taking a leaf out of Winston Churchill’s book. From the earliest days of World...

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Topics: public relations

Extending your PR beyond tomorrow’s fish and chip wrapping

The front page of The AFR is still seen as the Holy Grail when it comes to financial services public relations (PR), unless you’re Tony Abbott between elections...

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Topics: public relations

Why now’s the time to mobilise (and here’s how to start)

We’ve all been watching the rise and rise of mobile. But Google’s announcement this week that more searches now occur on mobile devices (defined by Google as...

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Topics: integrated marketing

He said WHAT? Three free lessons in crisis communications

Treasurer Joe Hockey’s recent call for ordinary Australians to “get a good job that pays good money” if they want to afford a house in Sydney, followed by his...

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Topics: public relations, crisis management

Your boring marketing isn’t getting you anywhere

Let’s face it, we are all pretty busy these days. If we can’t click it on Facebook while watching TV, yelling at the kids to get their homework done and cooking...

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Topics: content marketing and thought leadership, integrated marketing

The New PR: three ways to manage your PR online

There is a new narrative in PR; the “the front page” is now page one of Google.

That’s the enduring reputational footprint for brands - and each of us personally.

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7 things you need to know NOW to exploit digital #winner

You already know marketing has changed forever. What you might not know is the good and bad news about that from the Economist Intelligence Unit.

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Topics: financial services industry, financial planning, integrated marketing

Budget 2015 – Good, bad or indifferent?

Bluechip asks the experts

There were no real surprises in last night’s Budget. Which was itself no surprise. Many of the major initiatives were announced last...

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FSC Political Series Breakfast - 15 April 2015

Not keeping up with the raft of regulatory reform sweeping through the financial services industry? With every sector under scrutiny – everything from advice,...

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Topics: financial services industry

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