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Jacqui Maddock

How to harness the power of data to drive PR success

The age of big data has opened the door to countless possibilities for collecting, analysing and interpreting data.  How brands optimise data - their own and the...

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Topics: public relations, financial services industry

Media relations basics: Nothing is off the record

He presided over the biggest environmental catastrophe in US history. But Tony Hayward survived the global blowback from the BP oil spill only to destroy his...

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Topics: public relations, reputation management, financial services industry

4 hacks to #Newsjack the Federal Budget

When discussing his 2011 book titled, ‘Newsjacking: How to Inject your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage’, David Meerman Scott...

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Topics: Growth, Profile

Google searches for PR solutions to global advertising boycott

Haven't heard about the Google ad ban? You should google it. The internet giant has found itself at the centre of a global big business backlash, with companies...

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Topics: crisis management

Christmas-time Crisis Communication – How to stay calm and communicate on

As many of us race to the finish line for 2016 and our summer holidays, few industries face the seasonal challenges thrown up by the Aussie summer as those in...

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Topics: public relations, risk management, crisis management

Win or lose, Team Trump wins PR war

He’s been described as a cancer on American democracy, but win or lose, Donald Trump Inc has cause to celebrate, even if the White House bid fails.

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Topics: public relations