Webinar: Evolving digital events beyond the webinar

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COVID-19 means you, and your brand, probably need to reach your audiences online to meet your business goals.

In our previous guide, we outlined how to move from physical to virtual events.

In this follow up, BlueChip's MD Carden Calder and CEO Danielle Stitt tackle the challenge of creating a digital experience that's as engaging as a physical one. Join to learn how to engage your audience like never before.

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You will learn:

  • How to make your virtual events more engaging than other financial services brands

  • Emerging best practices from event-expert brands offshore

  • What we're seeing brands do to make B2B and B2C at-home audiences feel more connected

  • Next steps to help you get started instantly

  • BONUS: Free downloadable guide

About the speakers

Carden Calder

Carden Calder

BlueChip's Managing Director

Carden Calder is a financial services reputation, PR and communication expert. She's created, hosted and overseen tens of webinars, videos, virtual workshops, panels and online conferences for financial services audiences and decision-makers.

In this webinar she draws the finance sector audience into an open conversation about their own experiences with online events.

Danielle Stitt

Danielle Stitt

BlueChip's Chief Executive

As a financial services "marketing engineer" Danielle has spent more than two decades helping clients cut through confusion to create practical marketing strategies that deliver a return on their investment.

Recently she researched what's working, and not, in online events to bring you the summary version in this webinar.

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