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We are a small, high performing and growing team. 

We take recruitment seriously, for your sake and ours.

As the Managing Director there’s nothing more important I do than help you work out if BlueChip is right for you, and you are right for us.

Why so important? Because when we get our hiring right you love working here, your colleagues love working with you and clients get the benefit of stellar work.

And let’s face it, we spend more time with people at work than almost anyone else. So those people need to be GREAT. And you want to shoot the lights out with them. We are a team of A players. The right people love it, but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

To help us (and you) work out if we’re good for each other we want to learn lots about you, and for you to learn lots about us. The rest is then easy…

Please invest 20-30 minutes telling us about you. What you REALLY want, what you like/don’t like at work and where you want to go professionally.

Thanks in advance – with this information on board we promise to respond quickly and always be clear about where you stand.

My commitment to you is that we’ll respond within 48 hours.



Roles currently available:

Team Organiser and Personal Assistant - Public Relations


The fine print: of course we may well want to learn more about you and will use other information for our hiring decisions. You are not required to furnish any information that is prohibited by law.