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"Having a crisis plan is a good start. Most leaders know the plan isn't worth much unless it's tested in a real life scenario." 

- Carden Calder MD, BlueChip Communication


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While information security measures are an important first line of defence, recent high-profile breaches showed that Boards and management teams also need new operational, regulatory, and stakeholder capabilities to successfully manage a cyber crisis. 

With the growing risk of cyberattacks from ransomware, denial of service and other potential threats, the Horizon Blue Cyber Crisis Training challenges and strengthens your organisation and leadership’s readiness for any expected “when, not if” cybersecurity crisis.

The Boards and executives that undertake this training gain immediate insights into their vulnerabilities and - crucially - the actions needed to strengthen their crisis response capabilities. 

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Our Reviews

"In a crisis it is often a failure of imagination that has left you unprepared. The (BlueChip) team expertly simulated a scenario where events spiraled. It felt real and this helped reveal the strengths and gaps in our response processes and team. I came away from it feeling much more confident that our imagination has been stretched and our responses sharpened as a result of this work."

- Scott Langford, Group CEO, SGCH

The Process


We lead a tailor-made cybersecurity response exercise with your response team acting in real-time as responders to possible scenarios, events, news and stakeholder behaviours based on real-world scenarios. 

In a contained and safe environment, executive teams:

  • Manage a challenging fast-paced scenario in a high-pressure environment, simulating a real crisis, including communication to and from all relevant stakeholders. 
  • Practice your existing incident or crisis response processes and skills.
  • Explore known and unexpected vulnerabilities.

Tailored Simulation Experience

Our tailored simulation experience allows your organisation to put your cyber readiness protocols through a simulated cyber crisis under crisis conditions in a controlled session facilitated by Horizon Blue.


Coaching & Upskilling

Horizon Blue conducts a full team debriefing and provides small group or one-on-one feedback to the C-suite and Board. Participants exit the simulation with better awareness of their own strengths and skills gaps, stronger team dynamics and insight, language and tools to improve their organisational response. Further coaching is available through optional training modules 

Audit & Advice

Following the simulation and debriefing, Horizon Blue provides recommendations to the organisation to strengthen its existing response informed by a comprehensive review of existing crisis management plans and processes as well as the organisation’s exercise performance and recommendations. 


Improved crisis, cybersecurity incident and reputation risk management

Improve your C-suit, board members, and crisis response team's ability to manage crisis situations, cybersecurity incidents and reputation risks. We provide your employee with the critical knowledge and experience to better identify potential reputational risks to better your team's chances of minimising the impact of these incidents when (not if) they do occur.

Better executive team skills, decision-making and team performance

This training is an essential for C-suite executives, managers, and decision-makers within an organization. By providing these key stakeholders with the necessary knowledge and skills, organisations can improve their ability to make informed decisions, effectively manage cybersecurity risks, and maintain a high level of team performance in a crisis.

Reduced cybersecurity breach risk

One of the most critical pillars of our training is the ability to reduce the risk of cybersecurity breaches. By educating the right team members on the best practices for cybersecurity, organisations can greatly reduce the likelihood and severity of a successful cyber attack. Helping you prevent sensitive information from being compromised, and minimizing the risk of reputational and financial losses. 

Board insight into cyber risks, “response readiness” and vulnerabilities

Provide board members with valuable insight into cyber risks, response readiness, and vulnerabilities within an organization. Ensure that your boards to better understand the potential impact of cybersecurity incidents on the organization, assess the effectiveness of the organization's current cybersecurity measures, and identify areas where improvements can be made to maintain a high level of cyber resilience. 

The ability to demonstrate cyber resilience to regulators, investors, customers and partners.

Companies that invest in cybersecurity training show that they, a) take cybersecurity threats seriously and b) are committed to maintaining a high level of security. Demonstrating a strong capability towards cyber resilience and response can help to improve new and existing stakeholder relationships.



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