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Our Results


BlueChip’s Net Promoter Score


Deposits following a PR and
customer communication-led
retail bank product launch


Page views from a single
financial planning blog
post with an average time
on page of 6:44


Articles generated in a single
month for an asset management
client with a $5,000 budget


Website hits after a seven-day
consumer financial ratings PR


Web inquiries in the 48 hours
after an online life insurance
product launch

It's an integrated World

Multi-channel, fragmented media habits and time-poor audiences have changed the communications game.
Where in your client’s day can you build trust, add value and create the right conversation or conversion?

Our Ideas

How to squeeze the most value out of your content? Think distribution.

By Nicole Leong


So you’ve just hit “Publish”. All those days, weeks, maybe months of planning. DONE. All those internal debates. DONE. Hooray. Here we go...... But wait... Days pass. Then weeks. Your view count is still in the double digits. Is ANYONE coming?

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Australia's Robo Advice Landscape

By BlueChip Communication


Robo advice is the latest innovation in the wealth management industry globally. Using expertly developed algorithms, these platforms are designed to provide tailored financial advice in a simple, precise and cost-effective way.

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Social Media for the Financial Services CEO

By BlueChip Communication


With the proliferation of social media, the need for CEOs to harness this powerful medium has never been more important. A key component in today’s…

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