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Our Results


BlueChip’s Net Promoter Score


Deposits following a PR and
customer communication-led
retail bank product launch


Page views from a single
financial planning blog
post with an average time
on page of 6:44


Articles generated in a single
month for an asset management
client with a $5,000 budget


Website hits after a seven-day
consumer financial ratings PR


Web inquiries in the 48 hours
after an online life insurance
product launch

It's an integrated World

Multi-channel, fragmented media habits and time-poor audiences have changed the communications game.
Where in your client’s day can you build trust, add value and create the right conversation or conversion?

Our Ideas

Don’t make your Budget 2017 communication boring - Five ways to make sure your message is heard

By Holly Clark


With so much Budget clutter is it possible to achieve cut-through in your PR and marketing? And is it worth the effort? We say yes! While it is a very noisy time, it is also an opportunity to demonstrate expertise and thought leadership, but with some simple rules in place...

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How PR supports or destroys brand - just ask United Airlines

By Danielle Stitt


As marketing mastermind, Seth Godin said, “It’s easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back.” So how do you ensure you are building a financial services brand your customers will love? And how do you use PR to ensure you feel and earn the love?

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Google searches for PR solutions to global advertising boycott

By Jacqui Maddock


Haven't heard about the Google ad ban? You should google it. The internet giant has found itself at the centre of a global big business backlash, with companies in the UK, US and now Australia, pulling their advertising dollars from YouTube...

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