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Crisis Audits & Simulations

Crisis management is a skill that’s rarely needed, but business critical when it is. Unfortunately, most companies don’t develop the skills, tools, and level of teamwork necessary to successfully manage most crises. However, with the right planning, testing, and practice, you can ensure a better outcome.

Reduce the risks of potential crises through planning

  • Identify gaps and weaknesses in your existing crisis management plans, processes, teams and response frameworks
  • Develop a robust crisis and issues management communication plan
  • Create a framework for incident management through a collaboratively developed incident management response plan
Test the effectiveness of your responses

  • Put your executive and crisis management teams through their paces in a structured and controlled environment
  • Uncover weaknesses and remedy them with a thorough debrief
  • Stress test your systems and processes to improve overall team readiness
Educate key constituents across your business

  • Help your board, C-Suite, and crisis management teams understand common causes of crises, how to avoid escalation and how to manage live issues
  • Train your team how best to respond to a potential crisis using both traditional and social media

BlueChip is on call to assist with live crisis and issues management in the finance sector.

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