Webinar: The eight golden rules of asset management marketing

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After a combined five decades of working with asset managers, we've identified the most effective marketing approaches used by successful managers. 

We've distilled those into "8 Golden Rules".

You'll know some already, so this list is designed to sharpen your focus on all 8, and why they matter. We use these rules daily in our consulting work, and they've been developed after a cumulative 50 year's experience working with asset managers.

With diminishing barriers to entry, but higher hurdles to success, the Australian asset management market is increasingly crowded, noisy and fiercely competitive. Gaining and keeping funds under management (FUM) is more competitive than ever.

Winning FUM, and attracting the right investors, means marketing differently.

Use them to become even more ruthlessly efficient in your marketing and investor acquisition. 

BlueChip's founder, Carden Calder, and Chief Executive & Head of Integrated Marketing, Danielle Stitt, help fund managers and super funds reach and acquire the right investors and members.

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You will learn:

  • 8 perennial and essential marketing "hacks" for asset managers
  • Why fund performance matters, but isn't the be-all and end-all
  • The importance of "time in" marketing versus ad hoc efforts


About the speaker

Carden Calder

Carden Calder

BlueChip Communication's Founder

Carden Calder is a financial services reputation, PR and communication expert.

She helps finance sector Boards, CEOs, leadership teams and CMOs win the stakeholder support they need to be successful, and to build and protect both their corporate and personal reputations.




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