Webinar:Next 100 days of planning

How to optimise for now and be ready post COVID-19



Co-hosted by BlueChip Communication's MD Carden Calder and CEO Danielle Stitt, this on-demand webinar explores how to stay ahead of the curve post COVID-19.

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The webinar includes:

  • Ways financial services organisations can optimise their planning and responses given the current and near term “lives and livelihoods” macro business environment

  • Best brand communication strategies for business leaders and marketers based on the predictable phases of outbreak, containment and re-emergence

  • Guidance on what financial services brands can be doing now to identify opportunity and be best positioned for the third 100 days of the COVID-19 pandemic

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About the speakers

Carden Calder

Carden Calder

BlueChip's Managing Director

Carden Calder is a financial services reputation, PR and communication expert. She helps finance sector Boards, CEOs, leadership teams and CMOs win the stakeholder support they need to be successful, and to build and protect both their corporate and personal reputations.


Danielle Stitt

Danielle Stitt

BlueChip's Chef Executive

As a strategist with more than two decades' experience in marketing, Danielle helps clients cut through the confusion in order to create practical marketing strategies that deliver a return on their marketing investment. 

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