Webinar: How to create thought leadership that works 

Cut through the noise

The people you want to talk to are time-poor, senior and smart. They're investors, leaders, regulators, policy-makers or peers. Or a media commentator who gets pitched ‘thought leadership’ daily.

So how do you create thought leadership that cuts through the noise?

What are some easy-to-use tools to develop game-changing ideas? And how do you create content that will change how your decision makers and commentators think?

Register to watch this webinar on-demand to learn proven ways to influence an audience and learn how to articulate and communicate a new perspective effectively. 


Register to watch on-demand and get access to the Thought Leadership blueprint

You will learn:

  • How to help your spokespeople develop game-changing ideas

  • How to originate thought leadership: the goals, success criteria, and content ‘territory’

  • How to test your financial services thought leadership

  • Amplification strategies to help you get your ideas in front of the right people

  • BONUS: Free access to detailed presentation notes, best industry examples and the Thought Leadership blueprint


About the speaker

Carden Calder

Carden Calder

BlueChip Communication's Managing Director

Carden Calder is a financial services reputation, PR and communication expert.

She helps finance sector Boards, CEOs, leadership teams and CMOs win the stakeholder support they need to be successful, and to build and protect both their corporate and personal reputations.




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