Webinar: Crisis warning signs - how to prevent a PR disaster

Revealing the tell-tale signs your reputation is at risk 

One of the biggest myths of crisis management is “no one could have predicted this”. 

Crisis experts, corporate affairs people, and seasoned leaders, know better.  

Research in the wake of the pandemic also suggests that almost every corporate reputation crisis is predictable. 

Why then are brands and leaders continually caught by surprise? 

Often, it’s because they and their organizations don’t see, and heed, the clear warning signs that a crisis is on the horizon.  

Join BlueChip's Founder, Carden Calder, and Associate Director, Daniel Paperny in this webinar to better spot warning signs of a crisis or reputation issue, and to prevent a potential crisis. Fill out the form to watch this webinar on-demand.

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You will learn:

  • What are the biggest crisis management myths in financial services?
  • How can you spot “the serious 7” warning signs that help avoid a crisis?
  • Where do seasoned crisis managers see early warnings that other executives often miss?
  • Who among the leadership team is likely to cause a crisis or fail to stop one?
  • Why do blind spots catch out even the best leaders?


About the speaker

Carden Calder

Carden Calder

BlueChip Communication's Founder

Carden Calder is a financial services reputation, PR and communication expert.

She helps finance sector Boards, CEOs, leadership teams and CMOs win the stakeholder support they need to be successful, and to build and protect both their corporate and personal reputations.



Daniel Paperny

BlueChip Communication's Associate Director

Daniel is a senior communications and corporate affairs professional with an extensive history across Australia's media landscape.

He works with business leaders, founders and entrepreneurs to carefully grow and protect their reputation through integrated communication campaigns, strategy development and implementation, media relations, issues management, content production, brand positioning and industry engagement.


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