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How we helped profile Integrity Life as it launched to the Australian adviser market

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Australian life insurer Integrity Life launched into the retail adviser market in 2019.

Integrity Life was new and unknown as a brand, but also faced the challenge of  launching when the reputation of life insurance itself was damaged following a bruising public inquiry.

BlueChip was appointed to help build Integrity Life’s profile in the lead up to, during, and after the launch.


Working with key people (from marketing, senior leadership and the Board) we developed newsworthy topics for the launch and beyond.

We identified ten ‘white space’ ideas that Integrity could use to have a voice in a small market.

Leveraging research insights, important milestones and company spokespeople, BlueChip put together a communication plan that integrated with Integrity’s marketing to position them the right way: as new, different, technologically-enabled and offering a better way.


  • BlueChip secured profile articles in key media, from the AFR, to the important adviser and insurance trade media
  • Six opinion pieces written and placed in trade and consumer media
  • In the launch year, we grew audience reach to more than 60 million Australians

Integrity does things differently

Integrity Life Australia Limited (Integrity Life) is a customer-focused innovative life insurance provider, with a commitment to bringing integrity to life insurance and helping Australians when they need it most. Using the latest technology, Integrity Life offers advisers and customers a better, easier experience, and faster access to modern, flexible and fair solutions. Integrity Life is privately owned by local and offshore investors, including specialist insurance investor Leadenhall Capital Partners, and established life insurer Daido Life Insurance Company.

Visit their website for more information.

Challenge: a new entrant seeking to disrupt an established industry

The life insurance industry was under enormous pressure following the Royal Commission into financial services, providing a new entrant such as Integrity Life with a unique opportunity to disrupt the industry.

Being new to such an established sector, however, presented a challenge in reaching the advisers that are at the heart of the industry’s distribution model.

Emilie Chell, General Manager, Marketing and Customer Experience, says, “Blue Chip give sound advice based on extensive research and experience in the market, the strong financial and communication experience of their team members and a strong focus on listening and understanding a client’s business. That’s enabled them to adapt to the changing needs of our business from when we were starting up, to the point where as an established disruptor, we needed ongoing communication support across both proactive and reactive matters.”

A profile raising launch program

Prior to launch, BlueChip prepared and distributed media announcements and pitched targeted interviews about milestones, such as the acquisition of QBE Life and Integrity Life’s capital raising.

To help develop story ideas, BlueChip interviewed key people including the CEO, head of communications, head of IT in the lead up to the launch, head of distribution and head of product to thoroughly understand Integrity and its industry. This, combined with BlueChip’s own financial services expertise, helped identify newsworthy topics at launch and beyond. This included “GoFundMe isn’t a life insurance policy”, “we need to talk (about underinsurance)”, research into adviser pain points and the problem with legacy products in the industry.

In the lead up to launch, BlueChip pitched and placed opinion columns to trade media, which included commissioned consumer research on “taboos” including finances after death. BlueChip also set up a media introduction program for key spokespeople to introduce them to finance journalists.

At the company’s launch roadshow, BlueChip managed media and conducted research campaigns on “adviser pain points”, including a media release that incorporated research insights. 

Coverage and content

BlueChip secured coverage by titles read widely by its primary audience of financial advisers – including trade publications such as the Financial Standard and Money Management. Coverage was also secured in Company Director magazine.

BlueChip also secured media coverage with The Australian Financial Review (in several different sections, from technology to finance), The Australian and a NewsCorp syndicated piece on superannuation changes that was published across major mastheads.

BlueChip’s coverage was highly comprehensive in terms of topics, which spanned sections and titles covering technology, HR policy, superannuation, board governance as well as life insurance itself. While media pitches were often based on highly topical issues such as superannuation policy changes, BlueChip also proactive generated innovative angles such as “Go Fund Me is not a life insurance plan” which was covered by the Daily Telegraph.

Integrity Life also benefited from BlueChip media relations in securing more focused coverage in trade publications for relevant and targeted news such as product launches and targeting of new market segments.

BlueChip also secured media introductions for senior executives including The Age, other writers at the AFR and trades such as RiskInfo.

Key stats


Australians reached in the launch year


white space ideas identified and campaigned across owned, earned and paid channels


opinion pieces written and placed in trade and consumer media

BlueChip Communication is all about working with our clients to help identify their fame agenda – what it is that they will be known for. In profiling Integrity we focused on demonstrating how the organisation’s people live up to its name, and how they’re differentiating themselves from legacy providers

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