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How we helped Hyperion achieve over A$1 million FUM inflow

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Multi-award winning fund manager Hyperion Asset Management wanted to expand its product offering into global equities and the direct investor audience; two niches it had not focused on previously and which required a different approach.

Although the elements were there – a well-proven investment philosophy, deep expertise and a strong investment team - Hyperion Asset Management’s challenge was to speak to a new customer base in accessible, engaging language that would clearly demonstrate its expertise, create high levels of trust and digitally drive new funds under management.


To expand recognition of the brand’s Australian equities expertise into global equities expertise and to build awareness in a new market, BlueChip worked with Hyperion to:

  • Build several direct investor customer personae
  • Articulate value proposition and key messages to HNW investors
  • Redevelop the corporate website with the customer experience and digital buyer journey firmly in mind
  • Design a PR program that helped move their positioning into an Australian AND global equities specialist
  • Mapped a program of communication tactics to attract, nurture and convert new clients


  • In 44 days, Hyperion received over a A$1 million inflow from a new market, retail investors and into a new product
  • Excellent replay of desired messaging in the media, including features in the Australian Financial Review, The Australian, Livewire, Morningstar and trade publications such as Money Management, Adviser Voice and Financial Standard
  • A tried, tested and trusted integrated content and promotion marketing plan that’s fully repeatable and scalable

In it for the long term

Enjoying two decades of success, Hyperion Asset Management’s successful investment process, relationship management and public relations program had helped it build a strong profile as an expert in Australian equities, particularly among institutional investors and financial advisers. 

Its mission is to protect and grow its client portfolios sustainably and it delights in finding new opportunities that create value over time.

Challenge: Finding the right investors

Hyperion Asset Management had a new global equities product to launch into the direct investment market, but, as a relative unknown in that market, getting noticed and trusted was key.

We researched the direct investment market to understand more about potential direct investors, and narrowed the target field to the types of persona that would be engaged most with what Hyperion Asset Management had to offer.

Next, we developed the key messages and mapped these to the new personae, identifying what these personae would need to know about investing in global equities.

Focus on our business objectives

“As our outsourced integrated marketing team, Blue Chip Communication played an invaluable role in launching our new fund into a new market. The team used a very disciplined approach to keep marketing and PR on track and are not afraid to trial new tactics to ensure we are constantly driving our marketing forward. I really appreciate their focus on our business objectives in designing and managing our marketing and PR program.”

Mark Arnold, Managing Director, Chief Investment Officer & Lead Portfolio Manager at Hyperion Asset Management.

Giving investors what they need

We developed a full content marketing strategy which included:

  • A refresh of the customer experience
  • A complete overhaul of the company website, including building an interactive microsite that took the visitor through an investment journey, with multiple opportunities to convert.
  • Repurposing existing content into direct investor-friendly, articles, events, webinars and eDMs.
  • Deploying a strong PR profiling program to position Hyperion Asset Management as both a local and global equities expert.

Hyperion Asset Management was open to adopting a range of new tactics to attract a new customer base and expand its positioning. Taking a ‘test and learn’ approach to new tactics and channels, ensured the team was using experimentation and market feedback to evolve the program and drive increasing ROI on the marketing investment.

Key stats


Pieces of media coverage - 88% of which heavily referenced the brand


Growth in organic website visitors


Funds Under Management from the integrated campaign (2019)

BlueChip Communication is all about empowering our clients with the information and strategy they need to achieve their objectives, and we’re very happy to be continuing to support the Hyperion team

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