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How we helped grow Heffron’s reach by starting with a deep understanding of the audience

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Heffron is one of Australia’s largest independent SMSF service providers. The company had built a solid reputation with some accountants and advisers, but a fragmented marketing approach (due to rapid growth) and a limited understanding of the roles key decision makers played within advice and accounting practices had resulted in low brand awareness more broadly among its two key target audiences.


BlueChip conducted 24 interviews with advisers and accountants, as well as a path to purchase workshop with key stakeholders in the Heffron team. The insights were used to develop six new buyer personas, including paths to purchase, content mapping and new messaging for each persona, all with the intention of nurturing decision makers along the buyer journey.


  • The buyer personas and paths to purchase laid the foundations for atargeted and resource efficient marketing program
  • It brought clarity and purpose to Heffron’s content and channel strategy
  • The six personas are now central to all product and service development

Heffron does things differently

Heffron is one of Australia’s most successful independent Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) service providers for a reason. Its mission is help everyone enjoy the freedom of an SMSF through offering flexible solutions and a practical approach to SMSF education, administration and technical support. With a 20-year track record, Heffron is recognised for providing technical yet practical expertise in the SMSF industry.

Challenge: unknown to the broader key target audiences

Within its existing client base of SMSF advisers, accountants and trustees, Heffron was highly regarded. This base of Heffron fans had grown organically but needed to expand more quickly for Heffron to realise its business objectives. Additionally, Heffron knew other advisers and accountants would greatly benefit from using its services but was struggling to reach these practices.

It was time for Heffron to take its marketing strategy to the next level.

Natalie Sillar, Head of Sales and Marketing at Heffron, says, “We knew we weren’t making the most of our broad expertise and that we were missing out on an important audience because of their lack of awareness of our capabilities. So we brought in BlueChip Communication to help us reach a new audience and show them how we could help their own businesses thrive.”


Filling in the knowledge gaps

The primary aim of our research program was to understand how Heffron’s clients bought. We wanted to better understand the issues that prompted an accounting or advisory practice to start searching for an SMSF provider like Heffron, who influenced the decision, where they gathered their long-list of possible suppliers, the decision criteria they would use to judge each contender, the priority attributes they would be looking for in a new supplier, and how and where they learnt about technical SMSF topics.

BlueChip interviewed a sample of Heffron’s existing and potential clients about their recent buying decisions, prompting the interviewees to remember a specific buying instance rather than just a theoretical buying process.

We triangulated our primary research from interviews with our experience in marketing to the adviser and accountant industries and desktop research covering channels and topics with which advisers and accountants engage.

Working closely with the Heffron team, we developed six different buyer personas that captured Heffron’s new target audiences and how best to engage them including a new key buyer - the Practice Manager, who acted as gatekeeper and important decision influencer at medium to largesized practices.

Creating the path

Now Heffron understood more about the new targets and how it could address their needs, we worked with the Heffron team to dig deeper into the buyer persona, and to assess and create the path to purchase best for each one. We assessed and mapped the right content, messaging and formats for each persona pathway, to give Heffron a clear methodology to reach, engage and convert each type of target. We made the most of the previously-underused expertise of the Heffron team within the messaging.

Using personas to create a clear path forward

Once Heffron understood more about its audiences and how it could address their needs, we created the optimal path to purchase for each one.

By mapping the right content, customer value proposition messaging and channel choices for each persona, Heffron was provided with a blueprint to reach, engage and convert their ideal customer.

With BlueChip’s help, the Heffron team now has a deep understanding of its audiences, and a robust and evidenced-based strategic content marketing program.

In addition, we’re proud that our support has helped Heffron:

  • Save staff time and marketing costs through more focussed marketing
  • Make the most of the breadth of team expertise with new audiences
  • Use the new insight into buyer personas to develop new products and services
Heffron Case Study

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Personas and paths to purchase workshop


Buyer personas developed

BlueChip Communication is all about empowering our clients with the information and strategy they need to achieve their objectives, and we’re very happy to be continuing to support the Heffron team as its new business goes from strength to strength

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