If one woman blogs and no-one reads it, did she really blog at all?
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Hi Friend,

If one woman blogs and no-one reads it, did she really blog at all?

WHO CARES? Because it doesn’t matter. I speak from personal experience. I started blogging and tweeting in 2009. I had no idea how to distribute my content. There go two years of my life – zillions of hours between 9.30pm – 11pm I’ll never get back.

Don’t be like me.

Don’t keep making more content hoping someone will magically find you and fall in love with your content. Instead, make better content and squeeze the life out of it. Then some.

Create once, then campaign the hell out of it! 

This is probably why we are swamped with leads – we finally got this right here, for BlueChip. Just saying. #scartissue



How to build an editorial calendar for content creation and distribution

What goes into a content calendar? Publish dates, themes, topics, formats... You've got it. But if your content calendar focuses solely on creation, it's missing something really important: how the content will get distributed.

Don't go on autopilot, learn how to build a complete editorial calendar which maps out the bigger picture to drive customer actions. 

How to squeeze the most value out of your content? Think distribution. 

If a tree falls in the forest and no one sees it, did it fall? You KNOW where I’m going here…

If a brilliant blog languishes unseen online and no one sees it, does it exist?

Here's what we say: instead of making more, make better, and then campaign the hell out of it!



Like memes?

A meme is an idea, behaviour, or style that spreads rapidly…virus-like. 

For those born before 1970 (OUCH, me), it means an image or video shared rapidly online with funny variations. For sh*ts & giggles really.

This meme generator claims to be the fastest on the planet. Give it a spin. You might just create the next Grumpy Cat!