Maximising_ROI_on_marketing-2.jpgMaximising ROI from your financial services marketing

CEOs want to see improved alignment between marketing efforts and organisational goals. In other words, “show me the money”. But marketers rate that only 25% of their organisation’s content marketing efforts are effective…

In this educational video presentation BlueChip Communication’s Managing Director Carden Calder outlines how to increase ROI by aligning content marketing with business goals to build profile, sales and revenue in a financial services organisation.

Using the asset management industry to illustrate, Carden discusses what the C-suite is looking for and the golden opportunities for marketers that understand how to drive tangible business outcomes by using the right tools in their marketing and digital strategies.

Topics covered are:

  • Measurement
    -> Measuring the effectiveness of your content marketing
  • Leading the way on digital
    -> Digital’s impact on the B2B buyer’s decision making
    -> Content marketing for increased sales and revenue
  • Sales and marketing alignment
    -> What the age of the customer means for financial services brands

Complete the form to access our kit “Maximising ROI from Your Financial Services Marketing” which includes:

  • Video presentation from a CMO event at Morningstar Australasia (24 min)
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  • Slide deck

And get smarter on how to align your financial services content marketing with business growth!