We just won't let the 'purpose' word go and there are many reasons why.
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Hello Friend,

As we wrap up the financial year at BlueChip HQ we've reflected on what this year meant for us.

In short, the world has turned upside down - world politics and traditional media changed. A lot.

On the flip side, purpose and sustainable brands are on the rise and this isn’t going to change. These themes were clear at Cannes with 'Goodvertising' (doing good for people & planet = doing good for brand & bottom line) leading the way.

We’ve dedicated another FOMO to the cause because it is just too important to ignore. As you look to your comms planning for the year ahead put purpose at the forefront.

Cheers to a new financial year!


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Product, price, place, purpose?

We are in the middle of a business evolution. The movement leading this change? Purpose.

So if you’re stuck on where to start with your purpose communication, we’ve outlined a brief guide on how to put your purpose into practice.

Read the blog here.

Lessons from companies that put purpose ahead of short-term profits

We've recently seen a number decisions from corporations that would appear to be at odds with what we would expect from CEOs traditionally – they put purpose at the forefront of their strategy.

HBR outlines the lessons that we can learn from the success of UVS, Unilever and Mars in making this decision.

Read it here.


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The best Ted Talks according to Jim Kim

Jim Kim, President at World Bank joined the Ted Talks world this April in Canada. The title for the event this year was "Future You".

He shared his favorite, most inspiring talks from the day – no prizes for guessing the running theme!

Watch the talks here.