Before speaking to CMOs at a recent Morningstar event I dug a bit deeper than usual. I talked to financial services CEOs.
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Hi Friend,

Before speaking to CMOs and their teams at a recent Morningstar event I dug a bit deeper than usual. I talked to financial services CEOs and P&L executives.

I asked one question only: "What do you want from marketing?".

You know they pay the bill and all, so I was curious. Shouldn't we all be?

To be honest I didn't expect such COHERENT answers. Crystal clear in fact. Three simple things.

Conclusions? 1. It's not that hard. 2. Sh*t we better get this right.

So what did they say?


CEOs expect marketing to be measured. It's pretty essential to know if what they are spending is working. Or not. Either is fine (really). Just tell me.


No, no, NO. I didn't mean get US to lead the way. I meant marketing should lead us through digital. Because we don't necessarily get it. We want to, we do study tours, we throw big words around. But Marketing? It's your job to show us why, how, what and the cost. And return. Traditionally laggards in the space, CEOs now want digital.


In fact, align the whole damn organisation around the customer. Could you do that by, like, Thursday? JK.

Slightly more seriously, sales and marketing do need to be aligned, if not fully integrated. And sales are not stepping into that - they're too busy selling. So Marketing... guess what? Step up.

The wonderful people at Morningstar have a video of the whole event. UGH. Once I've reviewed it it MAY be available.

Let me know if you'd like it, just the slides OR for a more coherent version see the blog from our head of Marketing, Danielle, on getting the best ROI on your content marketing in Asset Management. 



Marketing ROI in banking: A big black hole?

Too often we face the nauseating challenge of quantifying how marketing contributes to the bottom line. Kinda makes it hard to justify budgets when EOFY rolls around.

With CEOs and CFOs looking to scrimp on every last penny, The Financial Brand suggests a list of strategies marketing execs should consider to prove - through data and facts - the worth they bring to the table.  

Getting commercial with your Asset Management content marketing

We feel a little sorry for some marketers. Why? Well depending on the culture and hierarchy you might be constantly having to prove your value to keep, or get, a seat at the top table.

Is this self-inflicted, as some CEOs would indicate?

Read what content marketing looks like for financial marketers at the moment... for example... only 37% of financial services marketers have a planned content strategy.

Oops. Lots of upside then...



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