Hi Friend, Well HELLLLLOOOOOOO 2016. This is going to be a great year for you and I. Here’s why.
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Hi Friend,

Well HELLLLLOOOOOOO 2016. This is going to be a great year for you and I. Here’s why.

  1. Content marketing is on the rise (and it's increasingly being “useful” to our audiences)
  2. The C suite, for the most part “gets” social or at least that it matters (there’s leadership support)
  3. Integration is real. Really working that is (thanks to mature marketing technology FINALLY)

And you’re still here. Reading. So this is useful. Phew.

So, in this fortnight’s FOMO Friday we’re about the very BEST B2B content, top priorities for Australian content marketers in 2016 and the marketing stories that hit the headlines last year – and not always for the right reasons.



Stop! What you should know before you "do" content

Stuck in a content rut? Before you start outlining that (UGH) annual whitepaper (again), look at the best B2B content of 2015 from Buzzsumo and Uberflip, and get inspired. See how B2B companies used research content, tools and case studies to provide value and successfully engage. Time to rethink your content marketing strategy and get those leads rolling in!

Top priorities of Australian content marketers in 2016

Keeping your 2016 marketing resolutions needn't be as much of a struggle as keeping down that kale and celery smoothie every morning. The Content Marketing Institute's Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report covers the top priorities of Australian content marketers in 2016. In this week's blog we explore how these sit with financial services marketers, and give you three easy tips to create engaging content



Flashback: the top marketing stories of 2015

Chinese baby formula, Telstra and the epicly unfortunate #YourTaxis campaign. These are just some of Australia's 10 biggest marketing stories of 2015. Congrats to these companies for making big headlines, but is this a list you'd really want to be on? We're not too sure.