Trust is something we keep coming back to. Why? Because we're needy and insecure?
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Hi Friend,

Trust is something we keep coming back to.

Why? Because we're needy and insecure? NO. Because the survival of all of our financial services organisations depends on trust.

As the AFR's Sally Patten said today "Superannuation is trusted. But it's a precarious trust...because it's passive". 



How to Build Trust and Humanize Your Financial Services Brand

Millennials don't engage with brands they don't trust, period. Considering this generation of authenticity-seekers will soon form your main target market, financial services brands need to re-examine the way they think, communicate and act in order to regain their trust, first and foremost, before even hoping to gain their business. Find out how to in this summary of takeouts from leaders at the 2015 FinanceConnect in New York.

Superannuation, stability and fund member reality - nurturing a precarious trust

“Superannuation is trusted. But it’s a precarious trust." - AFR's Sally Patten

Fragile or not, trust in super and the brands behind it is strong. This is particularly true for the not-for-profit brands. Other parts of the finance sector are battered - all too familiar with the slow arduous slog of rebuilding trust. Hot on the heels of today's FEAL National Conference, BlueChip MD Carden talks about assumptions we need to stop making, and offers her take on the ones we should embrace to stay on the right path - one of trust founded in deep understanding of members and clients, and what she regards as 'dynamic' stability of super itself. 



Trump vs Trump debate - Moderated by Stephen Colbert

Sometimes we just have to agree to disagree to avoid a fight. But what if you were completely at odds with... yourself

If you've ever aspired to a Shiftiest Scumbag award, or dreamt of winning a Nefarious Nobel prize, pay close attention to this all-Trump debate, which is, as you've guessed, is a montage of clips showing Trump contradicting himself.

Friends this is exactly how to NOT to gain anyone's trust.