I'd like to congratulate you on two things. Firstly, for making it through two short working weeks in a row.
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Hi Friend,

I'd like to congratulate you on two things.

Firstly, for making it through two short working weeks in a row. Four full days of chocolate and hot cross bun face-stuffing annually come at a price. But would we have it any other way?

And secondly for being one of the 32ish% who open this email. Because this week we talk about something I'm SURE you struggle with. 

So do I. Still. 

How do we "talk numbers" with marketing? 

We've all had tough conversations with a P&L exec who sees marketing as the first thing to cut to get the numbers in the green. So this is for you and I. If you find a significant portion of your time spent on meaningless (hard to measure, anyone?) campaigns, this is for you.

Come on - that's all of us, right?

Demonstrate the real value of your work - not just to others, but also for yourself. 

Happy return to the five day work week :)



Cheat's guide: content marketing ROI tip sheet

Finding all your time sucked into doing... stuff? Stuff you suspect, might possibly, lead to not that much after all? How do you know if that research paper you spent 30 hours on actually did anything? Or if that newsletter you dutifully write every week brings in any new business?

This handy tip sheet shows you how to calculate ROI on your activities, so you know which baskets to put your eggs in.

Talk the talk and your CFO will walk the walk

Ever thought your CFO might secretly believe that marketing is nothing more than a necessary evil, not directly connected to bottom line profitability? Ok they MAY believe marketing supports overall business strategy, but in a nebulous and unquantifiable way - so marketing is first cab off the rank when belts need tightening. 

In this week's blog we teach you how to talk cold, hard numbers to demonstrate the real value of your marketing efforts



The truth about marketing

Behind the clever campaigns and catchy taglines, who actually knows what goes on behind the scenes? Disruption, millennials, attribution... Do WE even know what we're on about?

An experienced marketer and Harvard Business School alumni, "Marketoonist" Tom Fishburne calls our collective B.S. in these so-true-it-hurts cartoons