Are you reaping what you sow?
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Hi Friend,

Are you reaping what you sow?

Permit me a personal diversion…. I recently moved into a house. It not only has a yard, but the yard has garden beds. Picture this… I cleared the weeds, planted seeds for a flowering vine, watered them once. And promptly forgot about them. What did I get? More weeds or flowers….? Right.

So contrast that with this seed: our newly-published content distribution playbook. Left to fare for itself it will never germinate.

Nor will your content. It’s ALL about the “after sowing” action. The watering, continuing weeding and a bit of sunshine.

Take Beyonce’s latest visual album, Lemonade, as another example. Released just a week ago, the internet has exploded with fans and critics alike analysing the politically charged piece of content. Is the video a shocking insight into the glamorised and normally private relationship between Bey and Jay Z? Absolutely. Would it have achieved such a high level of success without a masterfully mapped out content distribution plan? Probably not.  

So here’s a FOMO Friday that’s about the “after content creation” chapters. Because without sunshine, water and careful weed control your, and our, content will wither on the vine.



Content distribution channels: effectiveness vs. ROI

With so many channels in play, we don't blame you for being unsure of which ones to pick.

This content distribution matrix from Smart Insights breaks down owned, earned and paid channels based on the key factors of cost effectiveness (ROI) and lead/sales volume. Use it to review your current channel selection and find new ways to grow your conversions cost effectively. Hint: focus on the bottom right quadrant. 

Financial services content distribution for B2B marketers

Since B2B audiences tend to be more a lot more niche, the struggle is real for B2B marketers to reach them. 82% of buyers view at least 5 pieces of content from the winning vendor (source: Forrester), so to be a real winner in this space, you need a rock-solid content distribution plan in place. To guide you along, our blog this week gives you the low-down on channels, formats and tools you can use to help your audience find your content. 

Remember: content is king, but distribution is queen, and she wears the pants.



How (not) to spread a message

Ever received a fax advertisement in the office and thought, "WTF??" I mean, it's 2016, FFS. 

Just in case you were in need of some lols, comedian Jason Farone gives us his hilarious take on companies who insist on using archaic ways to reach their audiences.

And if you happen to be one of them (we hope not), kindly take a step into this century. Because marketing is probs not the best place to do a #throwback.