We discuss "why" (spoiler alert = 'purpose' is thing, and it's is here to stay... Oh and why you need to get on board...)
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Hello Friend,

Happy Friday! And what a happy day it is here at BlueChip HQ. We won PR Company of the year at the Financial Standard MAX awards last night.


Traditionally I've eschewed awards. But I realised this year that does you, and our team, a disservice. 

This award happened because you, our wonderful clients and supporters, nominated and voted for us. Thank-you for working with us, for trusting us with important and interesting work and for treating us as valued partners so we can do our best for (and with) you.

Thank-you also to (Blue)Chippers - past and present. No business (or reputation) is built in a day. And ours has been built by generations of smart, humble and curious consultants. You may well be one of them :)

Finally it's for every supporter and detractor. Supporters inspire us, remind us what our strengths are, and challenge us to do better. Detractors build our resilience and understanding of ourselves.


Fittingly this week’s edition of FOMO is about a company’s sense of purpose. HBR describes a company’s purpose to be:

“An aspirational reason for being which inspires and provides a call to action for an organization and its partners and stakeholders and provides benefit to local and global society.”

I started BlueChip with my partner because we craved 'a better way'. To serve our industry, to work as a consulting team, to communicate in a way that ultimately helps Australians make better decisions about their financial futures. And personally, to work in a way that would accommodate a decent life. Even with three kids (!!!).

Some 12 years later this purpose is still "us". It drives my team and me. It's not a destination but it is a guiding light.

Read on for why brands need to be purpose-driven, some stats on the success of purpose-driven companies and a great case study from a bank who's ahead of the game.


P.S. Don't judge me like my co-parent and I judge the Principal when EVERY school newsletter has a picture of them. I promise it's a (nearly) one-time thing.


The rise and rise of purpose-driven brands

‘Values based consumption’ has exploded over the last five years and millennials are driving this change.

Nearly 75% of millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable offerings and this is reflected in who they choose to invest their
money with. 

Read our view on why the finance sector needs to take note.

The business case for purpose

Still not sold on this lofty word ‘purpose’?

Well, you can’t argue with the facts. HBR has conducted a global survey of 474 executives and the report proves the business case for purpose – both in performance and profit.

Read it here.

HBR Purpose

Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 1.29.45 pm.png

How did a bank save a sea that couldn't breathe?

Ålandsbanken saw its purpose in acting as an agent for change to save the Baltic Sea.

The bank created the Aland Index: a measurement of the CO2 impact of every credit card transaction its customers made.

See the full story here.