How can stuffy financial services make itself sparkly for millennials?
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What IS a millennial anyway? 

Apparently it's a tag for a broad group of people. And by broad, I mean broad. There are no official dates for who qualifies as a millennial but the current capture is those born in the early 1980’s to include those born in the early 2000’s.

If you're yet to care then think about this... this generation is driving technological, social and economic change worldwide. In part, it's because we have entered the era of “Millenniapreneurs” where the number of Gen Y millionaires are overtaking the millionaires of their parent baby boomers.

Note their mistrust in financial services - these folk have seen their passage into adulthood clouded by global recessions and endless market volatility. This means that for a traditionally conservative industry, millennials mean change. And, a fresh perspective on how to market fin services to this potentially challenging group of consumers.

Generalisations are DANGEROUS but IMO this is a generation that we can, and should, learn from. The future is theirs, not ours. Best we get cracking on adapting then.


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The 2017 Deliotte Millennial Survey

Want to target millennials but don’t know where to start? Deliotte have run a report reviewing 8,000 millennials, across 30 countries.

The insights are pretty amaze-balls (OK I know I can’t say that if I’m not a millennial) but seriously, take a read.

Selling Super to the youth

Overhearing millennials discuss their superfund of choice is not a conversation
I have ever been privy too.

However, Spaceship had over 20,000 people pre-register to their superfund, most of whom were millennials.

How? Read our insights here.

Selling Super to the youth


Millennial Friday sing-a-long

At BlueChip we love some Friday fun time singing and what better way to kick off the weekend than this great millennial song parody. Enjoy!