I have super. You have super. So do our parents, if we are lucky enough to still have them, and so do some of our kids (eek!).
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Hi Friend,

I have super. You have super. So do our parents, if we are lucky enough to still have them, and so do some of our kids (eek!).

I listened to ScoMo last Tuesday, and I may have even written a couple of client media releases talking about how fair and (maybe simple) the changes were. OR WERE THEY????

In the ten days since the big #Budget2016 announcement it feels like the angst has grown, not abated. In fact we've sensed a general air of confusion.


(See? Google tells all.) 

People are out there looking for information, and you need to be telling them what they need to know, in language that they actually understand (check out the blog for tips on how to do that).

Why? Because there’s a “super” content vacuum bigger than the deficit. Trust me, the clever folks at BlueChip have done the numbers on it.

Have a great weekend!


P.S. I’m running the SMH Half Marathon on Sunday am. In under two hours. Or that’s the aim. Feel free to follow my progress on Facebook. It’s called “making me accountable publicly”.


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Budget 2016 is out. Now what’s a financial services marketer to do?

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