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FOMO Friday BlueChip Communications Blog

Hi Friend,

Once upon a time PR and SEO wouldn't have given each other a second glance. Now, they're a match made in digital heaven.

We hope you're not surprised, given how intrinsically your brand's search results and reputation are linked. This week, our blog gives you the full rundown on why PR and SEO truly need to go hand-in-hand, and we dish out five practical ways to integrate them for actual, measurable results.

If that got you into a panic because you haven't been optimising any of your media releases, don't worry. We've got you covered. Head over to PR Newswire for best practices and get cracking.

Google is as ubiquitous a tool as it gets. So why not get really, really good at it? You can thank us later @BlueChip_Comm

Happy Friday!


Press Releases for Social Sharing and SEO

You should know

Trust us, we know how much work goes into your media releases. So why not maximise their online visibility? Pick up some best practices from PR Newswire and get your press releases optimised for social sharing and SEO

Our take

In this week's blog we tell you why you NEED to integrate your PR and SEO strategies to build and protect your brand's reputation. Join PR and SEO in their story of fairytale bliss by trying our five extremely actionable tips. Here's to your happily-ever-after in the Land of Integrated Marketing.

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32 Genius Google Tips and Tricks

Some fun

How often do you look things up online? If your answer is anything like ours ("at least 20 times a day"), this is potentially life-changing. Become an expert Googler with these 32 Genius Google Tips and Tricks. Of course, you could learn to do useful things like set timers and search for backlinks, but it's hard to care when your dream gallery of funny cat GIFs is only a couple of clicks away. #priorities