Do you find yourself with a throbbing content calendar-related headache every quarter or so?
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Hi Friend,

Do you find yourself with a throbbing content calendar-related headache every quarter or so?

I know I did. But thank the stars (well actually, it took years of trying and failing but let's not go there) we've found a content formula that works for us. It's not perfect. But we are, slowly, and surely, getting there.

So here's how it works: each quarter we invest a mammoth amount of time into researching and producing a big, meaty, in-depth piece which we call our hub content, a.k.a. our single source of truth for the next 3 monthsThis quarter it's The Ultimate Guide to Content Distribution for Financial Services (which, btw, can be downloaded here). 

We then break the hub content down into 12 weekly blogs. This week's blog is on atomising and repurposing content. Very meta, I know. Each blog in turn feeds into several social posts across Twitter and LinkedIn. Blogs also get shared here (#FOMOFriday).

We also build on the hub content piece and turn it into a free, SPEEDY webinar-slash-online-training-session, where Danielle Stitt, our Head of Marketing and I talk CMOs through action list version. Our next (Content Distribution Bootcamp for Financial Services CMOs) is in just two weeks, so sign up here or share the link with your colleagues.

So there you have it. Our content marketing ecosystem. I've just given away a whole lot of IP that we've spent years developing (#FreebieFriday much?). But if that, dear reader, isn't the whole point of content marketing, what is?


P.S. We're moving TODAY to 8/82 Elizabeth Street, Sydney. Beer and red wine amid boxes from 4.30pm if you dare. And don’t be put off by the foyer. It’s ugly. Our floor is not.


6 content formats to boost your traffic and engagement, and how to do them right

If your blog is filled with the same wordy rambling week after week, it's really no wonder that you're not seeing any results. What you have to say might actually be insightful and interesting but in this age of 8-second attention spans you really need to think about delivery, and switch it up

This great piece from Buffer gives us not only 6 content formats to add some punch to your blog, but also shows us how to use them to get your engagement and more importantly, your conversions up. 

Atomising Content in Financial Services – Even if You Weren’t Good at Chemistry

If you took any physical object and broke it down into the teeniest tiniest bits possible, what would you get? That's right, atoms! Similarly, atomisation for content marketers is the art and science of breaking down your larger pieces of content into smaller, more digestible forms. By disseminating your atoms through your various channels, you're increasing visibility of your content and drawing interest back to your original piece.

Our blog this week (which happens to be an example of atomisation of our Content Distribution Playbook itself), shows you how to get the most value out of your content by breaking it down and repurposing it. 



Some fun

Has there ever been a greater struggle than convincing millennials that they need to buy life insurance? (Convincing them that they should get a credit card, perhaps...)

Even if you're not in the insurance game, take a cue from Lifebroker who's nailed it with this tongue-in-cheek flow chart which kicks off with the question, "ARE YOU ALIVE?" Um, after the week it's been, let me check...

I'm kidding. This is a prime example of content in an easily-consumable format which is both helpful AND entertaining. And that's exactly where you want to be when targeting millennials. Bang on!