Hi Friend, A sense of progress – in life and at work – seems essential to our satisfaction.
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Hi Friend,

A sense of progress – in life and at work – seems essential to our satisfaction. At our very core most of us – and the people we work for - want more. And that wanting is hard wired into our jobs, our companies and the world around us.

So how to measure our progress? In my personal life I try to make it more about richness of experiences than the numbers. At work I’m constantly asked which metrics marketers and PR people should use to measure our (sometimes fleeting) successes.

The long answer involves internal and external benchmarks, and the time and specialist expertise to develop bespoke metrics for your own initiatives or overall program. We’re doing this for select finance clients who have sizeable enough programs to make such evaluation worthwhile. At the less tailored end we’re developing external benchmarks for “always on” financial content, for example market commentary, so you can get a full sense of both the spend and return – if any.

There’s always a place for us all to learn from others – this week we’re sharing some of the best practices we've found in our own journey.



Content metrics made easy 

In CMI’s recently released B2B Content Marketing 2016 study, 55% of B2B marketers say it's unclear what an effective or successful content marketing program looks like within their organization. So how do you tell if your content marketing program has been successful?

Here's a super easy breakdown of metrics and tools you can use to measure how well you've achieved your content marketing goals. Trudge on blindly no more!


Target, Review, Refine, Repeat: content marketing goals and metrics

Evaluate success, mark improvement areas, re-set targets and reformulate strategy. In financial services, we've got this drill down pat. But do we apply this same process in our content marketing program? 

Putting more thought into your content goals and how they link back to your business objectives is critical if you want to see results. Find out how. 



Go Buyral or go home

Virality. The holy grail of content marketing. And now it can be yours! For the right amount of $$ of course.

Check out this hilarious spoof video that shows you what happens when you use the wrong metrics... Just because you're measuring something doesn't mean you're measuring something useful