Here's a fun fact about BlueChip: we do THE BEST office cookout lunches. Today we celebrate Christmas in July! Turkey, hams, trifle, EGGNOG.
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Hi Friend,

Here's a fun fact about BlueChip: we do THE BEST office cookout lunches. 

Today we celebrate Christmas in July! Turkey, hams, trifle, EGGNOG...

Rampant self-promotion alert... the ham rocked. 




Where was I? Right, PR... Our third and final blog in the Financial Services PR in the New World Order series gives you out-of-the-box ways to supercharge, turbocharge and ULTRACHARGE your PR all the way out of the stratosphere. 

One way to do that is to use rich, innovative, interactive content which is ever-increasingly in demand. Also take a cue from social media pros like first lady / influencer / media darling Michelle Obama!

Hope you're having as much fun today as I am. The food coma is real, though...




Why interactive content should be part of your marketing strategy

If you're like 69% of Aussie marketers who find producing engaging content their biggest challenge, you might want to give interactive content a go. It's definitely a bigger investment, but this kind of content makes people more deeply engaged with your brand, and delivers up to 70% more conversions than passive content. It also makes your content super shareable - just think about that "Which Game of Thrones character are you?" quiz that you emailed to the entire office...

Click here for more reasons why you need to include interactive content in your marketing strategy. 

Financial Services PR in the New World Order - Turbocharge your PR (Part 3)

Yes, the third and final part to our series is here! We know you've been on the edge of your seat eagerly awaiting it... 

Building on last fortnight's blog which shared practical tips on how to overcome the drastic changes in the Australian PR landscape, this week is all about turbocharging your PR creatively. Take your media strategy to even greater heights. Thank us later :)



Four ways Michelle Obama rules on social media: and how you can, too

Michelle Obama, a.k.a. the First Lady Of The Internet (FLOTI) won over our collective hive hearts of the interwebs with her smash hit vine Turnip For What in 2014, and she's been killin' it ever since. We hear she even has her own Snapchat account now. Way to go making me look out of touch, Michelle... 

Here are four ways you can #slay social media just like Mrs. Obama.