Happy New Financial Year. Knowing where we'll be in 30 years might help put your brand, and career, on the right side of history this FY.
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Hello Friend,

Some people are REALLY good at finishing things. You might be one of those people? It's a personality thing right? Baked in from birth maybe. I LOVE those people. 

Because I'm not that person. I'm more of a starter - good at coming up with new ideas but then it's just better if I throw them over the fence for others to kick them around and apply the keep/kill test! So we structure our team and client work accordingly. 

This week we've applied both types of BlueChip brain to bring you trends and ideas for the new financial year.

Predictions are inherently dangerous. But hell, it's Friday so we're feeling brave.

Here goes... top trends, what marketers should do about blockchain and your timeline of future technology. See 2047 for your brain upgrade! 

Enjoy and happy new financial year!


What Game of Thrones’ Tyrion Lannister can teach financial services CMOs – Part 1

Tactics, trends, omnichannel choices, and a zillion digital decisions. With so much noise how do you tell latest (unhelpful) fad from useful long-term tactic?

And our new financial year gift to you is the useful stuff, sifted from what we think might be the sh*t.

Read the blog here.

Why marketers need to get to grips with blockchain

Blockchain is a game changer - expect greater trust from (for example) ad delivery verification to the safe and transparent storage of data. Early understanding and adoption of the technology matters to marketers.
Here's why...

Read it here.


tech infographic

Infographic: A timeline of future technology

Did you ever think you'd be here - looking forward to driverless cars, being operated on by robots (you didn't know that already?! Sorry but that's NOW) and taking (semi-) naked selfies?

OK now look forward... (hurts doesn't it?)

Global science academies have pooled their research in this infographic about the next 30-ish years. Our personal fave is the self-repairing people-reading clothing. Or curing cancer!

See the infographic here.