What do you actually do? For a job? And does it bear ANY relation to your title?
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Hi Friend,

I know I had you at ‘free drinks’ but let me ask this first….

What do you actually do? For a job? And does it bear ANY relation to your title? Sorry for all the questions but here’s what I’m thinking. I know some of you are too…

  1. You can’t tell ANYthing from a title these days
  2. Roles in communication, marketing, PR, digital and social have massive overlap
  3. No matter what you do, or your job title, you have to know how to play nicely with all the other jobs

Effective content marketing relies on social media; and vice versa. PR only reaches its potential when amplified through multiple on and offline channels. Digital is pointless without good content. Social media campaigns uninformed by PR issue management are laden with risk. So confusing right?

It got so so blurry so quickly. So this week’s blog puts on the retrospectoscope to look back three years at what we (and others) have been saying about content marketing and social media and see exactly how far we’ve come.

Now, there are plenty of deep dive specialists who don’t suffer from role confusion. Dr Andrew Bredenkamp, in town this week, and featured below, is one such specialist. As a globally respected content and linguistics expert we’re delighted to have him dropping by to our Sydney office this afternoon.

FINALLY you’re at the free drinks bit :) Feel free to join us from 4.30pm – just text or email me first as we will meet up then head out, location TBC!



How to increase content velocity through agile practices

Dr. Andrew Bredenkamp, content expert, and founder/CEO of Acrolinx, brings together a stellar panel in this half-hour session. Susie Dickson, Facebook's Content Strategist, Laurel Counts, Director, Technical Communications, Moody’s Analytics and James Turcotte, SVP, Engineering Services discuss how content development must be aligned with agile practices through innovative technologies and processes.

The content marketing road to Damascus: are we there yet?

In 2012, just four years ago, the Australian Financial Review declared that “Accounting firms have no business on Facebook”. Views have obviously evolved since then - social media is now widely embraced as an effective distribution channel for B2B content. Read our take on content marketing milestones in the financial services world, and where we are now. What a long way we've come!




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