Hi Friend, It’s an easy (and cheap) trick to grab buzzwords and whack them in a headline.
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Hi Friend,

It’s an easy (and cheap) trick to grab buzzwords and whack them in a headline. In our case the words are robo advice, fintech, disruption.

Click bait, it’s called. A technique pioneered by the BuzzFeeds of the world, and perfected by a print media in decline globally.

What’s harder, and more valuable, is to deliver rational and thoughtful commentary. You can be a tabloid or a broadsheet (in old media terms) but you do have to make a call and live with the consequences.

To illustrate this we’ve found polar opposites for you this week.

First, Professional Planner’s Simon Hoyle reporting Paul Resnik’s well thought through views on financial planning’s Uber moment and our blog’s view on the future of the financial advice industry

Then, gratuitous and lightly creepy robo #fails from BuzzFeed. Tabloid or broadsheet? It’s Friday – your call!



You should know

Robo advice might just be the most significant development in the delivery of advice for the past 30 years. FinaMetrica cleverly describes it as ”financial planning’s Uber moment”. Before you think the worst, take a look at why robo advice may be a disruptor, but not a disaster.

Our take

Wrestling with this rivalry between man and machine ourselves, we’ve taken a look at how technology will help remove the barriers traditional advice can't. 


Some fun

Everyone makes mistakes, right? Sometimes it’s kind of nice to watch others fail harder than you. The Germans have a word for that… Can you still feel schadenfreude watching robots commit ultimate fails?