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On 9 March we took the view, as a firm, that the greater good took precedence over normal competitive pressures in the face of the rising threat from the novel coronavirus.

So we started aggregating, anonymising and sharing collective experience around response management to help quickly lift the standard of responses for our clients, our networks, competitors and their clients - the Australian financial services industry.

Response resources



Check out our resources on crisis management and how to pivot your communication to the "new normal" 

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CEO Briefings

Our COVID-19 briefing notes include market insights and guidance for financial services leaders

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COVID-19 Response Kit

COVID-19 Response Kit

Download our free crisis response kit - designed to help you lead in uncertain times

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How we can help

Our clients and most financial services firms face a range of challenges due to coronavirus. We're on call for clients and helping them both respond and communicate. We've also developed a COVID-19 Response Communication Kit specifically for financial services CEOs and their response teams.

Contact us for how to buy the kit or for immediate response assistance.

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Join our CEO briefing calls

We’ve opened our COVID-19 client briefings to the whole industry at 07.40am AEST every first Tuesday of the month. 

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