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How we helped grow Count Financial's website presence in a difficult market

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Our client had developed a brand new tool to help their clients - accountants and financial planners - to deal with regulatory change.

The challenge was to get that tool known and used ahead of the licencing changes deadlines.

But, because accountants are notoriously difficult to reach via marketing channels, the messaging had to be different enough, and the channels pinpoint accurate enough, to engage the right people.


We created and deployed a campaign strategy with client-friendliness and usefulness at its heart.

We built on four key themes identified as most important to our client’s market, and delivered a 12-month content calendar that delivered highly useful and practical knowledge and tools that the target audience could actually use.

This raised our client’s profile and brand reputation as expert, useful and on the side of their audience.


  • Powerful increase in website traffic by 1051% in week 1, 2011% in week 2 and 592% in week 3.
  • Over a thousand new followers on LinkedIn, exceeding the target seven months ahead of schedule
  • Above industry average LinkedIn post activity, with 23 average likes per post and 3,921 average views per post
  • Reach of 27,796 new professionals in one month

Trust is priceless

Our client is one of Australia's largest networks of accountant-based professional financial advisers.

It believes passionately that earned trust should lie at the heart of each client-adviser relationship, and so it develops and offers a range of services and expertise so that its members can build high levels of trust with their own clients.

Challenge: Getting heard in a noisy world

The post-Hayne financial services world was noisy. The repercussions of the recommendations created a storm of comment and confusion. Our client sought to generate leads by helping planners navigate the new world, by offering a tool that gave practical guidance on the regulatory changes.

Getting the tool known and used was our challenge.

2000% Growth in Website Traffic

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with BlueChip Communication. The quick turnaround and ability to execute was absolutely outstanding.

BlueChip Communication clearly has a deep understanding of our target market and how to reach them. We are already working with the team again, on a digital campaign which has already generated over 2,000% growth in visitors to our website.”

Anna Gardiner, National Marketing Manager at Count Financial Limited

Taking control of the discussion

We researched, identified, and set up the mix of marketing channels that our client’s very specific audience were attuned to.

Once we had set up these channels - YouTube, LinkedIn and Slideshare - we optimised them to create a consistent experience for the target audience across the channels, to strengthen brand personality and presence.

Right content, right time

We segmented our content strategy into four clear themes of keen interest to the audience, campaigning on a new theme each quarter. This allowed us to sculpt the key themes into engaging blogs and social updates across the channels we had prepared.


Strengthening the voice

We set up Google Analytics for tracking and ran a Google Adwords campaign, using highly targeted keywords, and also used a series of video ads across social platforms that increased brand recognition.

Key Stats


new professionals reached in one month


new LinkedIn followers


increase in website traffic in week one

BlueChip Communication is all about empowering our clients with the information and strategy they need to achieve their objectives

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