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Hi Friend,

Welcome to BlueChip's new fortnightly PR round-up for financial services: 'Take a beat Tuesday'. 

Why ‘take a beat’? Because stopping to think, properly, in our work (and life in general) is often the difference between an 'okay' outcome and a great one.

It's particularly important in the current issues-rich environment for the finance sector.

If you were a reader of FOMO Friday you might have noticed we quietly stopped publishing a while back. A few things led to that.

One was a small event called the Financial Services Royal Commission. Another was that our readership numbers showed you wanted more PR / media / issues insight in addition to the marketing and content focus on FOMO.

Your feedback on the recent Royal Commission round-ups has been very positive (thank you!). That inspired us to share more of our communication strategy and financial services industry insights with you.

In this first edition, we kick off with the first video in our new series, “9 strategies to stop or halt a perceptual crisis in financial services”, along with a dip into what it’s really like to work in Silicon Valley and a frank look at five key things to get outcomes from your PR firm.

These round-ups are new and, as always, we want them to be useful. So ALL feedback is a gift... be generous even if not glowing. 

Until then, take a beat and have a great week.

P.s. We will be back with our Royal Commission daily round-ups covering Round 7 from 19th November.

The Circuit Breaker

Video: The Circuit Breaker

We've identified nine communication strategies used by leadership teams to slow, halt or reverse a perceptual crisis.

We're sharing these in short videos. In this episode, we will discuss strategy #1, 'The Circuit Breaker'. 

Watch the strategy here

Ever wondered what it's like to run PR at Google?

Jessica Powell insists her new novel “The Big Disruption” is not a tell-all about her time in the role at Google. But, it does examine the big challenges that go hand-in-hand with steering PR at one of the worlds’ biggest brands.

Hear from Jessica here

Jessica Powell

How to get the most from your PR firm

How to get the most from your PR firm

My colleagues and I have, collectively, worked with several hundred clients, and countless consulting hours. When the client / consulting firm partnership is at its best, it’s because it’s supported by strong foundations.

In this blog I share what we, and others like us, see as the underpinnings of smashing success in the client/agency relationship.