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About Us

BlueChip was founded in 2004 to fill a gap in the Australian financial services industry for a firm of PR and marketing problem solvers who had both deep industry expertise and the ability to really "hear", genuinely understand and deliver for clients. Within three years we were recognised as a BRW Fast Starter and today we have a client net promoter score of over 90%.

While our heritage is PR and thought leadership, we invested significantly in social media and digital from 2009. That saw us become the first bloggers and tweeters at most industry conferences, and leaders in the online dialogue now so essential to reaching industry stakeholders. As we did this we built online reputation management skills, started to deliver leads for clients and were asked to teach our clients how to do this for themselves. Today, BlueChip uses an integrated approach to PR and marketing to solve client problems around profile or positioning, growth aspirations and reputation risk.

Our clients include asset and fund managers, banks, brokers, industry associations, insurers, superannuation funds, payment providers, wealth management firms, and professional services. Working directly with the Boards, CEOs, CMOs and corporate affairs leaders within those organisations, as well as the teams that support them, we help:


Prevention, live crisis & issues management & rebuild


Profile raising & positioning with media & stakeholders


Driving growth in revenue, audience reach & influence


When you come to us with your business objectives this is, in short, how we create a program to using a combination of ideas, tools, channels to get there. This is also how you can engage with us - starting initially with Discovery, which informs the development of a Blueprint, which in turn gives us a plan of attack for Execution.


We immerse ourselves in your world by auditing your existing strategic plans, collateral, channels and messaging to identify challenges, opportunities and the whitespace.

We may also conduct an analysis of your external landscape, and interviews with your target audiences to understand the external and demand-side factors that impact your business


Using what we've learnt from the Discovery phase, we identify and strategically prioritise initiatives across all channels that will create the greatest outcomes against your business objectives, and drive ROI.

Once we deliver the strategy, known as a BluePrint, you may choose to execute the plan yourself to a degree, or have us fully execute for you. 


Using the BluePrint as our guide, we help you execute on plan and to best practice implementation standards.

This means building your always-on communication machine, implementing ongoing initiatives to fuel it, continually measuring and iterating to develop an optimised approach.

Find out how how BlueChip can help you meet your business objectives.

Our higher purpose > A better way

Carden Calder


By partnering with the right clients and doing great work for you, I believe BlueChip also serves a higher purpose. That purpose is to help Australians make better decisions about their financial futures.

I’ve also long believed there was a better way to serve clients, to market and communicate about our industry’s services, to support and develop our people, and to build a great business. That desire for a “better way” drives our team. It has also fueled more than a decade of award-winning client outcomes.


Carden Calder

Founder and Managing Director